Wednesday, March 9, 2016


MEMBER: Delores McClary, Account Executive/COO
COMPANY: Dorel Specialties, Inc.
We specialize in imprinted wearables and novelty items.
LOCATION: Antioch, TN 37011 

The Interview with Delores McClary!

How long have the company  been in business?

We are sell custom imprinted wearables and novelty items, and have been serving our clients, for 23 years. Dorel Specialties, Inc, has been a member of the Advertising Specialty Institute, which means we have the backing of some of the top premium manufacturing companies in the country.

Our services include; consultation, marketing research, business solutions utilizing innovative products to achieve your vision and bottom line. After hour availabilty through our website 

Low to high end items; attention to detail and we meet deadlines. 

What resources do you seek in WNFP to help your business develop?

We seek to grow our business, through networking, leads and client list, so we can get the word out about what we can do.

Building relationships is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. What other methods have been successful for you? : REFERRALS! We cannot stress how important word of mouth is. We send out materials and catalogs, along with information about us. 

NETWORKING and TRADE SHOWS, are also great for us. SOCIAL MEDIA facebook@dorelspecialties,

We advertising in Bronx Newspaper, but word of mouth and networking is our avenue to growth. 

How do you maintain balance with work and life?

As a native New Yorker, we know how juggle between family, travel and work. We love what we do, and people have always been important to us.  I love to read, and I do watch some junk TV. You would be surprised what you can learn and use from those past-times.

What is the best business advise you've ever gotten?

LOVE YOUR JOB AND WHEN YOU DON'T LIKE IT ANYMORE, don't do it. My father was a business man, and I learned a lot from him. He was honest, thoughtful and about self-improvement.

Please give a brief introduction about you. 

Born and raised in Manhattan and the Bronx. Moved south, in the early 80's. I come home every three months, and plan on moving back soon. My children are all grown up and doing what they want to do. I love to travel, exercise, read and be lazy, on the weekends.

Tell us about your unique facts and company history. What makes your business stand out from others?

We listen to our clients. We believe in relationships and nurturing them. Some of our clients, have been hanging in there with us for 18 years. 

Our sales staff, are professionals, and have their clients interest at heart, and it shows. 

In our office, we have a wall of fame. We receive a lot of e-mails about our our service , and we proudly display them. 

What products or services do your business offer to companies or individuals to help them prosper?

We do corporate branding, or anyone, who is looking to market their company, through promotional products. We sell to states and the federal government. 

When you see a imprinted t-shirt; cap, bag, cups, bottles, keychains, banners, magnets, calendars, fundraising items, buttons sweatshirts, corporate gifts, golf items, etc. We also do party favors and wedding incentives. that's what we do.

Name: Delores McClary
Company: Dorel Specialties, Inc.
Title: Account Executive/COO
Phone: (800) 452-4494

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