Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Office Outside The Office, LLC

Name: Dorothy Lucinda Carr
CEO and Partner  

Company: The Office Outside The Office, LLC
Location: Mamaroneck, N.Y.

How long have the company  been in business?
1 year.

What resources do you seek in WNFP to help your business develop?
I am looking to expand our exposure through advertising and promotions and getting to know other businesses through networking.

Building relationships is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. What other methods have been successful for you?
Word of mouth has been successful for me.

Have you been published in journals or other publications? If so, in which ones and on what topic(s)?

How do you maintain balance with work and life?
It is not easy. I sometimes mark time on my calendar to insure I stop and let my brain shut down. And I have to remind myself to say 'no' to people sometimes because I always want to help.

What is the best business advise you've ever gotten?
Look locally before trying to attract the entire world. Local people will have the comfort of knowing that you are nearby.

What is your background in terms of the services you provide?
I spent 18 years doing computer programming and systems design; 9 years doing administrative & office support; worked in direct selling, published a book and I am an actress.

What makes your business stand out from others?
Our goal is to provide relief for overwhelmed people conveniently, affordable and eco-friendly. No job is too small and we have flexible hours. Our support for individuals and small businesses is done remotely via the internet and locally onsite, if necessary. If you are not sure what you need, I will help you figure it out. We are expanding our team to be able to provide a wider variety of services in one stop.

What products or services do your business offer to companies or individuals to help them prosper?
Administrative/Personal Assistant - Data Entry - Typing - Drafting letters - Editing & Proofreading - Spreadsheets - Presentations - Computer/PC Instruction - Word Processing / Desktop Publishing Resumes - Flyers - Programs - Business cards - Post Cards - Brochures - Letter Head - Self-Publishing Support - Manuscript typing - Layout design - Proofreading - Mailing Services - Postcards & Greeting Cards

How can our audience reach you?

Company Website - Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn