Monday, February 3, 2014


Company Name: MBAF CPAs, LLC
Certified Public Accountants and Advisors
Locations: Valhalla, NY & New York, NY

How long have the company  been in business?
44 years

What resources do you seek in WNFP to help your business develop?
MBAF is looking to develop successful working and referral relationships in Westchester with business leaders, nonprofit organizations, attorneys, bankers, privately wealthy individuals and other professionals.

Building relationships is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. What other methods have been successful for you?
Apart from developing business relationships, I find that being active in the community and sharing our business experience and expertise with others is also helpful.

Have you been published in journals or other publications? If so, in which ones and on what topic(s)?
I have authored tax related advisories distributed to our clients.

How do you maintain balance with work and life?
Being an entrepreneur, maintaining a work/life balance is not an easy feat.  I run daily and maintain positive working relationships with my partners.  Both activities help me with my positive perspective in life and business.

What is the best business advise you've ever gotten?
Always be honest and transparent with your clients.

Please give a brief introduction about you.
I am a people person that is passionate about building our business and taking care of our clients and other business relationships. I am a dedicated professional -  my day starts at 4am! It ends when I’m satisfied with the work I have accomplished in a day’s time.

Tell us about your unique facts and company history. What makes your business stand out from others?
I started the New York office when I was preparing tax returns in my Manhattan apartment at my kitchen table.  I built our firm client by clients, and today am part of a large firm with over 400 employees and 9 offices. We believe in delivering top tier services that are rooted in best practices and applied in pragmatic and flexible ways. Through this sense of dedication, our client's mission becomes our own. At MBAF, our advisors have the expertise and institutional knowledge necessary to guide our clients through even the most subtle shifts in their business.

What products or services do your business offer to companies or individuals to help them prosper?
As Certified Public Accountants and advisors, we assist our clients with their business and financial matters. We take the time to understand our clients’ industry and business, so we can advise them in  responsibly managing change and growth in their businesses.  We consider all aspects of a client’s situation before providing our findings and recommendations, and provide a solution that addresses their business requirements.

How can our audience reach you?

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