Friday, April 24, 2015

Hartsdale Family Dental

COMPANY: Hartsdale Family Dental
When it comes to family dentistry, your top choice is Hartsdale dentist Paul Greco, D.M.D., with his friendly and caring team of professionals.
LOCATION: Hartsdale, NY 10530
WNFP MEMBER PROFILE: EJ Flynn/Office Manager

The Interview with EJ Flynn!

How long have the company  been in business?
Dr. Paul Greco has been practicing since 1998 opening his first practice in Boston, MA.

What resources do you seek in WNFP to help your business develop?
Marketing is getting the word out. WNFP is an amazing platform to get in front of like-minded business individuals who make the best advocates for my business.

Building relationships is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. What other methods have been successful for you?
Delivering a world class experience is the best way to guarantee successful word of mouth referrals. Everything else enhances getting the word out. Social Media, print mailings, community outreach, networking events, and sponsorships.

Have you been published in journals or other publications? If so, in which ones and on what topic(s)?
EJ is a published author of two novels, Perspectives of the Heart and 12 Days and is currently working on her third One Season due for release in November of this year.

How do you maintain balance with work and life?
Staying organized and prioritizing to optimum production at work and at home is the best way to balance work and life.

What is the best business advise you've ever gotten?
Everyday above ground is a good one.

Please give a brief introduction about you. 
EJ Flynn is many things. She is a devoted wife and mother, a writer, an avid poker player, singer, artist and master marketer. Her favorite thing in the world to do is make people smile.

Tell us about your unique facts and company history. What makes your business stand out from others?
At Hartsdale Family Dental we want to change your mind about going to the dentist. We promise to deliver you a world class experience leaving you with the bright, beautiful, and healthy smile you've always wanted all while feeling no pain at all.

What products or services do your business offer to companies or individuals to help them prosper?
Invisalign, Implant and Family Dentistry

Name: EJ Flynn
Title: Office Manager
Phone: 914-205-3750
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